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Re: Do not feed the bears!

After reading that rather tedious document, my initial conclusion was that the "National Post" newspaper had just blundered - they'd assumed that some leading Canadian climate scientist was a bit of Green activist based on rumour, and the judge had thrown out the allegations made in the set of articles.

But then I decided to Google the climate scientist's name, Andrew Weaver, and found this Wikipedia page about him:


It appears that Weaver now operates mainly as a politician, and is actually deputy leader of the Green party of British Columbia [British Columbia is a province in South West Canada, about four times bigger than the UK]. So he certainly fits the profile of being a Green activist as alleged by the National Post.

It looks to me like Canada must be a pretty good place to be a warmist, and the legal system is sympathetic to what they're doing. I don't think we have that problem in the UK - I remember that a high court judge ruled back in 2007 that Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" was riddled with errors.

Re: Do not feed the bears! - by Dave Gardner - Mar 15, 2015 10:16pm