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Re: Solar Impulse project

One thing the NoTricksZone blogger seems to have not mentioned about this project, is that in addition to support people flying around in fossil fuel burning charter planes that follow the solar-powered plane, it has a pretty substantial "mission control center" operation described on this link:


This mission control center is based in Monaco, and has a team of about 20 'specialists'. It looks like this arrangement will have a pretty big carbon footprint as it is going to be operating 24/7 for the duration of the project, which is supposedly going to be five months. This Solar Impulse 2 project is something like the Green equivalent of a space mission.

Obviously an ordinary plane doesn't require a mission control centre, which raises the question of what these specialists are actually doing, and this single page PDF document throws a bit of light on that:


From the PDF document it looks like this team is doing things like checking for favourable weather conditions, including making sure that there is enough sunshine to recharge the batteries for each leg of the overall flight.

In the top right hand corner of the PDF it says "an idea born in Switzerland". I don't think this project gives Switzerland a particularly favourable image, other than amongst Greenies.

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