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Re: John Brignell's Health

I am so sorry to all the people who have not received a response to their kind queries.
As The Bard said in the words of Claudius “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.” I still find it hard to believe the number of things that went wrong for us over a period of a few days. My wife (and carer) had been in declining health for some months, but on January 3rd she was admitted to hospital with an emergency respiratory failure. On the same day, my hosting service withdrew support for the web package I have used for fifteen years, which offered one-click publishing. The suggested replacement was FileZilla, but the support offered was proved too vague for me to cope with. I made some progress, but made a false move that caused a serous setback and, under the circumstances, I was obliged to set it aside. For this and other reasons my web voice was silenced.
As I discovered during my own near-death experience a few years ago, the NHS emergency services are wonderful; perhaps because the bureaucrats are unable to interfere with them directly. However, as we know, bureaucrats fear the sorites paradox, so they have decreed that an emergency lasts exactly 72 hours: not a second more, not a second less. After that you are plunged into the bureaucratic nightmare. I omit the details for now, but we are still suffering from the shock of it all. We are struggling on, but the difficulty of finding reliable domestic help has been a serious problem. The way I set up our local wireless network seemed a good idea at the time, but confining all external communications to the desk-top in my study and doing my writing on the lap-top in the conservatory, to which I am now largely confined in an orthopaedic chair, has proved inflexible.
There is so much that I would wish to comment on in the world of wrong numbers that the frustration only adds to my misery.
However, best wishes and grateful thanks to those who have sent messages.

Re: John Brignell's Health

Thanks Frank for expressing the concern I am sure we all have.

Mr Brignell, I am sure that I represent many others when I say that I am concerned to hear that you and your wife are enduring ongoing health problems and respect that despite these pressing worries you have taken the trouble to respond to us.
I can only hope that with time and care things will improve for both yourself and your wife.

Re: John Brignell's Health

Dear John,

Thank you very much for your response. It means a lot.

So sorry to learn of your wife's health problems. May you both walk on "warm sunlit uplands" in the near future.

Kind regards,

Frank Gerstle

Re: John Brignell's Health

I hope that the warmer weather will help to promote an improvement in condition.

Meanwhile, I launched a web site to mock the functionally innumerate and politically correct social misanthropes.

Articles are in the style of "news" as published by environmental churnalists. I've tried to cover a range of topics with the initial articles.

I trust that they will provide some distraction and light relief.