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Re: John Brignell's Health

Thanks Frank for expressing the concern I am sure we all have.

Mr Brignell, I am sure that I represent many others when I say that I am concerned to hear that you and your wife are enduring ongoing health problems and respect that despite these pressing worries you have taken the trouble to respond to us.
I can only hope that with time and care things will improve for both yourself and your wife.

Re: John Brignell's Health

Dear John,

Thank you very much for your response. It means a lot.

So sorry to learn of your wife's health problems. May you both walk on "warm sunlit uplands" in the near future.

Kind regards,

Frank Gerstle

Re: John Brignell's Health

I hope that the warmer weather will help to promote an improvement in condition.

Meanwhile, I launched a web site to mock the functionally innumerate and politically correct social misanthropes.

Articles are in the style of "news" as published by environmental churnalists. I've tried to cover a range of topics with the initial articles.

I trust that they will provide some distraction and light relief.