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Numberwatch website problem

As I understand it, JEB's main problem in updating the Numberwatch website is that his web host has dropped support for Microsoft FrontPage. One possible solution would be to switch to another web host that still does support Frontpage. After doing a bit of Googling I found one that still does called Mecca Hosting, and there may be quite a few others:


Mecca Hosting state that they will always support FrontPage, and they will copy the website across to their server at no charge.

This article on changing web hosts might also be useful:


I've posted this in the forum rather than e-mailing JEB as I believe quite a few posters in the forum run websites, and may know more about this running of a website thing than I do.

Re: Numberwatch website problem

Thanks Dave. I have followed up your suggestion and am looking into making the pilgrimage to Mecca.
Meanwhile, much thanks to you and the small band of brothers who have kept the spirit of Number Watch alive.