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Productivity BS : On BBC More or Less this week

Climateworld parallels this weeks edition of BBC More A Less
CHECK - We have an LSE analyst ..speaking with absolute pleading certainty
CHECK - She says the solution is the government to spend more money subsidizing stuff *
CHECK - It all based on a BS measurement just as dumb as measuring the average annual temperature of a planet. **
** "Productivity" is calculated by dividing GDP by hours worked , and the experts wonder why USA, France and UK have different patterns.
Duh ! different cultures, geography, demographics (young people, retirees, lifespan retirementage) etc etc
eg. UK has a health service ..... UK surgeon does heart operation, charges NHS $50K
Then she moves to USA charges $500K she now 10 times more productive ? etc.
..The US's vastly more expensive health system seemingly adds to productivity !
-- I think that's only one example of many differences/flaws
** young Anna Valero LSE economist said in the prog "'Gov needs to invest more in infrastructure, apprenticeships, innovation' etc.
Seems to me like climate experts, Experts like her grasp on to a simple clumsy black/white measurement ..and can't see the wood for the trees, that they need to step back out of the forest and see the complex full colour picture.
- Reuters expert Edward Hadas article wrote May 13th Productivity is a nonsense measure

* skill is not the same as education/training
* country A is not poorer than another country B, just cos in country A the price of many things like education, libraries, childcare, museums are prices as free..and in Country B they are expensive.. Rather country A's citizens enjoy a better life with less money