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Harrabin - more propaganda

I noticed another example of Harrabin's propaganda activities the other day, picked up by the "Not A lot of people know that" (NALOPKT) blog:


This relates to a BBC news story Harrabin wrote at the end of July where he claimed "The Automobile Association (AA) has joined green groups in warning that recent changes in energy policy will harm the climate". When I first saw the BBC news story, it struck me as a being a bit implausible. The AA relies for its income on motorists subscribing to it, in competition with organisations like the RAC that provide a similar service, and a significant proportion of motorists are rather sceptical of Greenery. Appearing to be as pro-Green as Harrabin is making out might be a bit damaging to the AA's business.

A reader of the NALOPKT blog checked up on the story by contacting the AA, and Paul Homewood (the NALOPKT blogger) also contacted the AA, and it turned out that Harrabin's reporting was somewhat inaccurate, with the AA revealed as being unhappy with the article.

You do get UK businesses that appear to be more pro-Green than might be expected, an example would be this strange group of eighty firms that put their names to a letter a couple of months ago calling for David Cameron "to seek a “strong climate deal” in Paris that would avoid dangerous global warming".


But the list doesn't include any motoring organisations like the AA, and the firms that are signing up to the letter strike me as the sort who might also provide such advice as "It would be a disaster for Britain to leave the EU" and "Britain needs a lot more university graduates". Many of the firms will be making money from environmental regulations.