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Re: Engineers invent way for cars to harvest energy from bumps in the road

I'm considering buying a mountain bike with front suspension. A lot of the front suspension systems now feature a "lockup" mode, where they lock themselves rigid. You can use this whilst riding on the road, then switch back to a suspension system off road.

Obviously you are still carrying around excess weight of the suspension system whilst it is locked up, and therefore wasting energy, but it's a fashion thing!

Re: Engineers invent way for cars to harvest energy from bumps in the road

Narrower tyres would also help reduce rolling resistance. Indeed solid wheels would be even better.

As for the road surface the obvious answer would be to make all roads with an ice like surface although I would hazard a guess that some people might see a few negative attributes to such a suggestion, especially taking into account the need for globalisation of standards.

Clearly the imposition of the need for ice roads would negatively impact most of the so called "freedom of movement" rights in developing countries where the demands of the ice road creation and maintenance process would likely far exceed the national budget and power generation capabilities.

Which reminds me ....

I see Steorn is still around.