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Electricity "from the air ...."

Paul Drayson, as plugged by the BBC, claims to have identified a way to generate "power" for low powered devices using radio frequency energy.

Presumably this is something like RFID energising technology extended and "re-purposed" (as they say these days).

But, assuming that Drayson can back up the claims, what sort of effects might it have if deployed by perhaps multiple devices per person across the population of London - to take just one example of what might be considered to be "system loading"?

And when will I be able to slow-cook my dinner using my smartphone?



Re: Electricity "from the air ...."

I prefer capturing the static electricity from combing my hair. I have successfully powered my entire house on this principle (I also have a very fluffy cat that likes to be stroked), and I am working on a method (by extending the lead) of using this abundant, natural, and above all sustainable, energy to power my bio-organic non-polluting welding equipment (my spectacles fell apart last week and the Elastoplast has become stuck to my nose).

I am just going to have a short rest first (I am told).