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Re: Europe the Star Trek state

Well, I had a nice long response written, clicked post and got the message "Spam detected". It appears they (whoever they are) will not allow this.
Of course, they also managed to then lose the post.
It's too late and I'm too tired to re write it now.

Re: Europe the Star Trek state

I said in my previous post that, unlike some other EU countries, the UK doesn't subsidise industry to shield it from the cost escalation effect of renewable energy. Apparently the UK now does, and has received approval in the last week or so from the EU to provide this state aid:


Following the announcement of major job losses in the UK steel industry a couple of months ago, the UK government has introduced a subsidy arrangement where energy intensive industries now get 60 to 70 % of their Green-related energy costs covered, but they couldn't introduce the support immediately because they had to go through the formal process of getting EU state aid approval (though for anything connected with renewable energy the approval seems to be straightforward).

I suppose this is a significant development, as it is the first time I've noticed British politicians formally acknowledge the idea that renewable energy is too expensive for British industry to be competitive.