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Re: Steorn and investors

I thought I'd try to see if I could find out how much investment Steorn have managed to rack up over the years, and there is an Irish newspaper article published at the beginning of 2015, set up as a scanned image by the "Dispatches from the Future" blog, which gives the details:

They've managed to spend 21 million euros (£14.7 million) over the last ten years, which is considerably more than I would have guessed.

Normally people who are a bit sceptical of "hard science" tend to be far more sceptical about "soft science". One thing I noted about Steorn back in 2006 is that the firm appeared to be quite Green-leaning, which means they don't have a problem with the soft science that underpins Greenery, like AGW. The inconsistency in sceptical attitudes towards hard and soft science suggests to me that they're not genuine sceptics.

Re: Steorn and investors

Thanks for the updates Dave.
Very interesting about Al Kelly.