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The Register

There appears to have been a pretty significant change at The Register in the last few months. The editor Lewis Page got the boot I believe in November 2015. Lewis Page could be regarded as one of the UK's most prominent AGW sceptic and anti-Green journalists. The rumours are that The Register has dropped its anti-Green position, rather unusual in the IT magazine world, that it has held for many years in favour of a more Green-friendly position that is more acceptable to the many Green-leaning IT advertisers. Another anti-Green columnist working at The Register, Tim Worstall, also got the boot.

The Bishop Hill blog has noted the change in behaviour of The Register in this recent blog post called "What's up with El Reg?":

The blog post notes that The Register re-published an article taken from "The Conversation" magazine (Bernd's "The Consternation" name is I would guess based on "The Conversation"), written by two academics from Bristol University (the UK's most Green-leaning university) called "The last time Earth was this hot hippos lived in Britain (that’s 130,000 years ago)":


You certainly wouldn't get an article like that appearing in The Register when Lewis Page was around.

Re: The Register

Bernd's "The Consternation" name is I would guess based on "The Conversation"

Unashamedly. With no apologies.

Perhaps Worstall, et al can start their own webzine. It's hard to make a living any way.

Re: Epidemiology: VW diesels to kill 59 people but fixing them will avert 130 deaths

Steven Milloy of produced a response to the MIT paper a few months ago which is probably worth adding to this thread: