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Electoral Reform

A lot of people might think electoral reform in the UK is a dead issue for at least a decade or two following the referendum in 2011 where a proposed change from FPTP to the AV voting system (which would represent only a trivial change from FPTP) was defeated. But the Lib Dems seem to be plotting to bring it back again, as described in this news story last month:


The Lib Dems are trying to get the other left-leaning parties, Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green party, to put an agreed position on electoral reform in their manifestos for the 2020 General Election, and in doing so by-pass the need to have another referendum on the issue if the left-leaning parties can form a coalition after the 2020 General Election. If the left wing faction of Labour under Corbyn stay in control of the Labour party up to 2020, I can see this going ahead. Corbyn is in favour of electoral reform, but the article says that he prefers the link between MPs and constituencies to be maintained, which sounds to me like he prefers something like AV+ rather than PR.