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The Warm List - another novel entry!

In Breitbart today (12/05/16) we are told that professor Ghassan Hage gave a lecture at MIT where he claimed that Islamophobia is accelerating global warming.

To be fair, when you follow the link, you find the lecture is actually given the same title as the book he is writing which doesn't assert this but asks the question: "Is Islamophobia accelerating global warming?"

However, given that he is quoted as saying, in online essays, "he has called airport security an example “in which Westerners require from those they racialize an exact obedience to the letter of the law.”." I think we might safely conclude the question is probably rhetorical but again, in fairness, there is no actual reporting on the presentation, just the advertising blurb that preceded it. For all I actually know he may have said "The answer is no. but I had you all going, didn't I?"