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Re: New BBC Charter

Even with more or less correct statistics, positive discrimination never delivers positive results.
The primary criteria for delivering quality programs is to employ the people able to meet that objective. Can you imagine putting together a football team on such a basis?
Then too what it does encourage is the belief, often probably true, that someone only has their job because they meet some quota rather than being fit for the job.

Of course, on the other hand where there are so many "luvies" I suspect they'll have no difficulty meeting their GLTB targets . But, the problem is that while Kinsey may have come up with a nonsense figure, the problem is that even if true, how does the BBC or any other organisation know if they have recruited someone who ticks that box? Are they allowed to ask about sexual tendencies? About religion and ethnic background? These are some of the private features of our lives that many people prefer not to comment on.
Mind you, if you want a job at the BBC just claim to be gay or ethnic minority and you'll probably get the job whether you are qualified or not.
Or they may put you down as a minority if they really want you.
It is a pointless exercise open to all sorts of abuses.

But then, what do we expect of a whiter paper that's sole purpose would seem to be window dressing. (Unless, of course, it is borrowed from some EU proposal on national broadcasting intended to homogenise broadcasting across the EU so that when the day comes and there is only the Brussels Broadcasting Company with the BBC acting only as a regional relay station carrying EU propaganda......I wonder if the BEEB realises this is exactly what they are setting themselves up for with their support of the EU. Well, I don't suppose the fat cats at the top care. The EU will see them right.