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Re: Telegraph promotes graphology

I thought I would do a bit of checking on the "85% of European firms use graphology" statistic mentioned in the previous post. Randi quotes it in the YouTube clip, and I seem to remember the same figure being quoted in every newspaper article you might read about about graphology in the 1980s. It sounds implausible, a bit like a "10% of the population are gay" type statistic.

Somebody from the University of Westminster (which I didn't realise had a university) seems to have come up with better researched statistics for the use of graphology in various countries:


It looks like the use of graphology is most common in France and Switzerland, and it could be used more often than not in those countries. It also seems to be well accepted in Belgium. Outside those countries it is not that well accepted. In the UK, usage could be as high as 6% of medium and large sized firms.

For amusement I thought I'd also have a look around for any statistics claimed by UK graphologists (who will obviously have an interest in exaggerating the figures to create more work for themselves), and found this article:


In the article a graphologist called Erik Rees claims that up to 30% of UK firms use graphology in the recruitment process. Rees also claims that the SAS use graphology.