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Re: Academic lobbying

I thought I'd check up on what has happened regarding the issue of UK university researchers potentially being banned from using taxpayers' money to lobby the government. If this legislation was being applied to academics, it should have started from May 2016. But if it was being applied, I'm pretty sure I would have noticed the left-liberal media continuing to make a fuss over the issue, and Bob ward would also have been making a lot of noise. That suggests to me that the issue might have been resolved in a manner that is favourable to the academics.

A quick bit of Googling confirms my suspicion. This article from the Independent in April 2016 called "Government forced to back down on plan to gag academics and scientists" gives the details:


Bob Ward does seem to be strangely effective at what he does. He tends to be treated as a bit of a joke by AGW sceptics, who see him as a loudmouth who makes nit-picking comments. Josh, the cartoonist featured on the Bishop Hill and WUWT blogs, draws him as a green coloured alien, presumably because of his bald, somewhat conically-shaped head. But it looks like his campaign to stop the anti-lobbying legislation applying to academics has been largely successful. Ward also played in a key role in Channel 4 appearing to have been frightened off in commissioning further anti-Green and climate change-related documentaries by Martin Durkin.