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The English Revolt- New Statesman

Some might find this piece (by Richard Tombs) hinteresting?

Re: The English Revolt- New Statesman

While I happen to be reading the posts in the forum, I might as well set up the link for the article. The New Statesman isn't a website many of us in here are likely to visit much.

English Revolt

Re: The English Revolt- New Statesman

Thanks for that,Dave. I did try but failed. What am I doing wrong?
I enjoyed reading this and I thought the Professor had some good insights.
But why do these academic wallahs have to use clever dick foreign phrases such as
"trahison des clercs" ?.

Re: The English Revolt- New Statesman

I had to look it up on the internet - apparently "trahison des clercs" means "treason of the intelligentsia", and it was the title of a 1927 book by some French philosopher.

trahison des clercs

I noticed a recent Breitbart news story which relates to the idea that the less educated are effectively being conspired against by the supposedly better educated, where former UK prime minister Tony Blair gave a lecture in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in which he slammed 'uneducated' Brexit voters for the recent EU referendum result:

Blair rant

"“Brexit is a catastrophe for Britain,” Mr. Blair also claimed in the lecture, insisting that people only voted against the European Union (EU) because they were uneducated.

“[Education is] the single most important way to prepare societies for globalisation. We need a commitment to it like the one we have on climate change”, he said."

It looks like Blair wants there to be an international agreement on countries implementing education systems which prepare people for an increasingly globalised world and people acting as though they are world citizens, similar to the international agreements on tackling climate change.