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Re: Hinckley Point Big Numbers?

To give a bit more information on why I think that £92.50/MWh figure is strongly related to the Lib Dems, I vaguely remembered that EDF were quoting a much lower figure for Hinkley Point than that a few years earlier when Labour was in power.

I searched around on the internet for the lower figure that used to be quoted, and it was actually £45/MWh in December 2008, given on this link:


But by October 2013, less than five years later, but with the Lib Dems in charge, the figure had risen to £92.50/MWh. That figure is also index-linked and applies to 2012, so it would be I reckon £98.52/MWh in 2016.

Ed Davey was given a knighthood for making these sort of arrangements for the provision of low carbon electricity for the UK. And if Chris Huhne, Davey's predecessor, hadn't fallen from grace, then he (Huhne) would presumably have got the knighthood for this.

Another big number which may come up in the near future in connection with Hinkley Point is that if the project ends up being cancelled, EDF has indicated that it wants £2.5 billion in compensation. The £2.5 billion figure presumably covers design changes they've had to make to satisfy the UK's nuclear regulator ONR, and preparatory work and site-specific work that has been carried out before the construction starts.