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Re: Global cooling consensus

I got a feeling you're actually talking about "global dimming" rather than "global chilling". The effect was first noticed by somebody working in Israel. There was a BBC Horizon documentary on this particular issue made about ten years ago, which this webpage describes (there is also a link to a transcript for the programme on the webpage):

Horizon - global dimming

But being a BBC documentary, it didn't bother to mention that "global brightening" is also going on as well as "global dimming". This Met Office webpage on global dimming from 2013 gives more details about the issue:

Met Office - global dimming

Extract from the Met Office webpage:

"The amount of sunlight received at the Earth's surface has declined at some observing stations, but not at others.

Continuous dimming has been observed at Hong Kong.

No dimming has been seen at some sites (such as Lerwick, UK).

Other sites have shown dimming until around 1980, but subsequently show significant brightening (e.g. Uccle, Belgium and Israel)."

So in Israel, the country where the effect was first identified, brightening has actually been going on since 1980, which the Horizon documentary didn't mention. Places like Lerwick in the UK's Shetland Islands have never seen any dimming, which suggests that most of the oceans probably haven't seen any dimming. Dimming is apparently still going on in India and China, including Hong Kong.

Re: Global cooling consensus

On the subject of global cooling, there are still a small number of scientists and researchers around who are predicting that global cooling will arrive in the first half of the 21st Century. The NoTrickZone blog published a list of about thirty of these people in 2010:

cooling predictor list

Another global cooling predictor that has just appeared in the last couple of years is UK academic (originally from the Ukraine), Valentina Zharkova, of the University of Northumbria (previously Newcastle Polytechnic). She is predicting a new Little Ice Age in the period 2020 to 2053, in which the average global temperature will drop by about 1.5 deg C.