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Re: Air into water

There has been quite a bit of development of atmospheric water generators since the beginning of the 21st century, mainly as a result of Western participation in wars in the Middle East, where it has been realised that it is much cheaper to extract water from the air in these hot countries than it is to ship in bottled water for the troops. The most efficient product in this area available at the moment seems to be this machine developed by an Israeli company called Water-Gen:


This machine meets the XPrize cost target of 2 US cents per litre (1.5 Rupees quoted in the article is 2 cents), but the quoted cost is very likely to be based on being able to use 'normal' fossil fuel generated electricity. The XPrize requires the water extraction to be carried out using renewable energy, which is going to be several times more expensive than normal electricity. The machine also produces 250 to 800 litres per day, depending on temperature and humidity conditions, whereas the XPrize requires a minimum of 2000 litres per day under unstated temperature and humidity conditions.

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