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Re: Trump victory

One of the possible effects of a Trump presidency is that it looks like he may heavily reduce NASA's activities in the climate change research area, and generally re-direct NASA back to its original mission of space exploration. This recent news article discusses this idea:


One of Trump's advisers, Bob Walker, has said that NASA has been reduced to "a logistics agency concentrating on space station resupply and politically correct environmental monitoring".

I think Walker is right about that, but as I remember it, it was Ronald Reagan in the 1980s that turned NASA into what it is today. Reagan seemed to be favourably disposed to the idea of trying to somehow unify the world through space technology. In 1984 Reagan came up with the idea of a permanent human presence in space in the form of the "International Space Station", and then in 1988 following lobbying by a group of leading US scientists, he signed up to the idea of using space technology for environmental monitoring of the Earth:


Trump's advisers favour the idea of going back to manned missions to the moon, including the idea of setting up a human colony on the moon.

One space exploration project I would like to see would be the landing of an advanced spacecraft on Venus, maybe something like the Curiosity rover sent to Mars but able to withstand the much harsher operating conditions applicable to Venus, to investigate the source of its high surface temperature of 450 deg C. Is it due to a super greenhouse effect caused by the Venusian thick CO2 atmosphere as claimed by Carl Sagan and James Hansen, or is it simply due to internal heating from the planet itself? Hansen's main personal motivation for climate change research was that he was worried about Earth turning into Venus as a result of fossil fuel burning, which he called the 'Venus Syndrome'. It always struck me that it would be a much better idea just to send a spacecraft to Venus than have Hansen do his theoretical research.

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