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Climate Change

A week or so ago whilst driving back to work on Sunday night I listened to the 'Analysis' programme on Radio4. The topic was how the hole in the Ozone Layer was combated. By this account a scientist researched the effects of CFCs; their release of chlorine atoms and how these atoms destroyed ozone. By establishing the reactions and the fact that they were occurring in the upper atmosphere, he drew the World's attention to the alarming phenomenon and after years of campaigning, at last the Ozone Layer is repairing.

Of course, as it was a BBC programme, general discussions of the science had to be conflated with the resistance to accepting man made CO2 induced Climate Change. 'Typical of them', I thought, 'and a very sly way of gulling the general listenership.'

But where is the 'conclusive paper' that the Climate Alarmists are relying on today? Surely they have such a clincher since Michael Mann's infamous paper showing the 'hockey stick' was found wanting? Does anyone know what and where it is to be found?

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