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Shrinking reindeer... add it to the list!

Sounds like the poor reindeer are in a terrible plight, but watch for the understated alternative.

Over the past 16 years, the weight of adult reindeer in Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic has dropped by 12 percent, likely due to global warming, said study findings presented to a meeting at the British Ecological Society (BES) in Liverpool.
Reindeer numbers have increased over the past two decades, said the research team, so greater competition for food likely also contributed to their smaller size.

We may never know the truth.

Re: Shrinking reindeer... add it to the list!

The warmer it gets, the more that grows, so the hungrier they get. Yeah right.

I went to Svalbard two years ago. On our overland treks we only saw one reindeer. It was walking towards us but when it caught sight of our party it turned and ran back over the horizon "Oh no - more buggers come to weigh me again" it thought.