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Re: Diesel deaths

A bit of googling and Skeam truns out to be Tom Collister who was part of a gang:

"Four graffiti vandals have been jailed after admitting causing an estimated £50,000 of damage to trains and chaos to services in the South East.

Tom Collister, 22 of West Wickham, London, and Darren Austin, 21, of Beckenham, London, received 30 months and 18 months in prison respectively.

William Setzdemspey, 19, of Hillmead, Uckfield, Sussex, was given a 15-month sentence at Southwark Crown Court.

Joshua Phiel, 19, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, was sentenced to 12 months."

"British Transport Police said the four were prolific vandals who caused delays and disruptions to train services after they defaced carriages during organised overnight tagging sessions – many committed while on bail. "

We also discover a history of such behaviour with the Nelson's Column climbers, one of them being a full time Greenpeace employee which surely suggests that Greenpeace should also be in the dock.....
Compensation of £6,262 each would be paid for by Greenpeace, the court heard.

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