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Re: Trump victory

The future Trump presidency continues to show very encouraging signs for sceptics of AGW and Greenery. The Guardian has carried out a useful assessment of Trump's picks for his Cabinet so far:

Trump cabinet

The only Green-leaning person picked by Trump so far appears to be somebody called Betsy DeVos, representing education.

Unfortunately we're a long way from seeing this sort of backlash against Greenery happening in the UK any time soon. In the polling carried out by Lord Ashcroft following the EU Referendum, which was linked to in the "Cavaliers and Roundheads" thread, the UK public apparently regards 'The Green Movement' as being as a 'Force for Good' at 57%, a 'Force for Ill' at 20%, and a Mixed Blessing at 23%. The Force for Ill rating rises to 28% for Conservative voters and 39% for UKIP voters. [I suspect that the definition of what 'The Green Movement' is that many had in mind might be quite broad - to some, like me, the Green movement is mainly associated with the likes of Greenpeace and Caroline Lucas, whereas to others it might also be associated with David Attenborough and the Lake District] But if the 20% Force for Ill figure was relected in the composition of the UK Parliament, then 130 MPs (20% of 650) should be anti-Green. My guess would be that the actual number of anti-Green MPs currently in the House of Commons is only a very small fraction of that, possibly not even making it to double figures. Only four MPs voted against the introduction of the Climate Change Act in 2008.

The only anti-Green party in the UK is effectively UKIP, and they have a discouraging tendency not to put a great deal of effort into their anti-Green position. For example, an anti-Green party would be expected on principle to have a put up a candidate against the former Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith in the recent Richmond Park by-election, as Goldsmith is one of the UK's most prominent Greenies, but they declined to do so.

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