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Re: Trump victory

What I really miss is seeing our bending author able to write his monthly numbers pieces.
Since June 2016 he has a lot to crow about and if I were him I know I'd like to think that what I had done was in its way a contribution to bringing about the Brexit referendum which in turn may have helped with the belief factor which helped Trump to win. And a Trump win brings the prospect of the collapse of AGW and the warmist campaign.
There have been times before then when it seemed it was all just shouting at the wind. But all the acts of all those people who did stand up for what they saw as right cannot but have helped.
The last six months of 2016 seem to be full of useful and encouraging omens in so many ways.
While wishing and hoping all is as well as can be expected for our bending author and his wife, one realises that these are obviously very difficult times or else he would indeed have made something out of these events.

Re: Trump victory - by Dave Gardner - Jan 8, 2017 5:12pm