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Charles writes a Ladybird book

When Donald Trump won the US Presidential election in early November 2016, it occurred to me that Prince Charles might be galvanised into some sort of action in promoting awareness of climate change in response. Charles' initial response to Trump seems to have been to write a Ladybird Book about climate change, with former head of the Friends of the Earth NGO Tony Juniper and climate scientist Emily Shuckburgh as co-authors, due to be released on Jan 26th.

Prince Charles promoted the new book in a recent article he wrote for the Mail on Sunday, in which a short extract from the book was included. Paul Homewood of the 'Not a lot of people know that' blog seems to have done a pretty good debunking job on Charles' efforts:


One thing that did surprise me about Charles, and is to his credit, is that he did manage somehow to stay out of the EU Referendum campaign in 2016. Charles is known to be pretty keen on the EU and its promotion of Greenery, an example being this news story from 2008:


Re: Charles writes a Ladybird book - by Dave Gardner - Feb 2, 2017 6:07pm