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Re: Fake news

On the subject of fake news, I noticed a website called "Fake News Checker" the other day which provides a list of websites (376 at the time of writing) that it has identified as being fake news sources, describing them as "Sites Known for Promoting Extreme Bias and "Alternate Facts"".

Fake News Checker

For UK readers of the forum, probably the most interesting one included on the list is the UK satirical magazine "Private Eye". The editor of Private Eye, Ian Hislop, has been at the forefront of the BBC pushing its metropolitan liberal political opinion on the British public for the last thirty years. Hislop is a team captain on the long-running topical news-based comedy panel show "Have I got news for you", and has appeared in every single episode, that is 458 episodes up to the end of 2016. He has also clocked up 18 appearances over thirty years on the BBC's main political programme "Question Time". So it is somewhat amusing that Hislop is regarded as a distributor of fake news. It isn't altogether surprising, as satire is a method of distorting news which requires the audience to be sophisticated enough to realise that at least some elements of it are fake. However I suspect that Hislop has still got a 'job for life' with the BBC.

The British tabloid newspapers generally fare better with Fake News Checker than they do with Wikipedia - only the poor old Daily Mirror manages to make it on to Fake News Checker's list.

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