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Re: Fake news

Firstly thanks Dave ,for continuing to post on here and keeping it going.
I always read with interest what you post even if I 've nothing to say myself.

I've enjoyed Hislop over the years as he is good at the sharp put down without being too nasty. I was surprised at his stance on Europe.

I hope John is keeping reasonably well in the circumstances.
I'd say if he was still posting, then 10 would certainly be his number of the month for Feb '17.
Seemingly from a metastudy of 2 Million and from the great "Imperial College".
On BBC ,this morning, there was 800g of f and v. Were they really telling us we should eat that lot every day or did I mishear?

My GP said I was reasonably good for my advanced age but that I was decidedly overweight .
Eat less,Move more, the old advice ,but he suggested a days fasting now and again.
Surprising myself,I tried it and I found it was n't as difficult as I thought it might be.
And strangely,I was energised and felt much better for it.

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