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800g of fruit & veg

After doing a bit of checking, it looks like you did not mishear the 800 g of fruit and vegetables per day figure. This BBC news article gives more details:


A 'portion' is apparently 80 grams (or just under 3 ounces), so 10 portions would be 800 g. On a weekly basis, that would be 5.6 kg or 12.3 lb of fruit and vegetables being consumed.

The news article also quotes a figure of 7.8 million 'premature deaths' being avoided per year by following this advice. The 'premature deaths' figure is of course based on the imaginary scenario where the whole UK population is currently eating 10 portions per day, whereas they're not eating anything like 10, or even 5, I'd estimate the average member of the British public is eating more like 1 or 2 per day. I believe that the most commonly eaten vegetable in the UK, the potato, is not allowed to be included in this fruit and vegetables consumption exercise.

The key piece of information that would need to available for anyone to make a decision regarding a health issue, that is what is the change in lifespan for the average person that is supposedly achieved by following this advice, is as usual missed out.

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