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Re: 800g of fruit & veg

Yet somehow, Milk and Potatoes can keep one alive.

But then we get to start talking about epigenomes...

I use lots of vegetables when I cook. I sneak extra in because if I eat enough vegetables, my challenges with post ingestion gas goes away.

Re: 800g of fruit & veg

I think we can take most nutritional advice with a pinch of salt, including the advice to have less salt.

The original "5-a-day" advice was nothing more than a marketing ploy dreamt up by the Produce For Better Health Foundation. They came up with the slogan in 1991


Here's the list of their donors - It's like a who's who of the Big Food industry

PBHF Supporters

As this is the NumberWatch forum, here are plenty of numbers to show that fruit and veg don't actually have a great deal to offer in terms of vitamins and minerals

The Perfect 5-A-Day

Re: Fake news / Fasting Days


Entirely agree that the occasional or even regular fasting day is easily coped with and has beneficial effects. On both weight and energy levels.

For the past 20 odd years, whenever I find myself getting a bit floppy round the midriff I have a near fasting (breakfast only) day once a week until normal geometry is re-established. Usually 4 to 6 weeks does the trick. Nice thing about this method of weight control is that, unlike a the usual long term restricted calorie intake diet, it doesn't seem to push the body into low food mode so there is little risk of rapidly putting the weight back on once you come off the diet and go back to normal eating. If you do put a bit of weight on then a few fasting days soon gets rid of it.

A couple of years ago there was a book published advocating combining two near fasting days once a week with five normal eating days. I understand there were plenty of recipe suggestions for both normal eating and fasting days to help ensure you got decent supplies of all nutrients. 5-2 Diet or something. Might be worth looking into.