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Re: Our bending author

I am alive, unwell and living in Wiltshire. My spouse and I have lived through a year that has been entirely governed by Sod’s Law and the ailments of humans and computers. The emergency services were brilliant, but the nadir was when I found myself, perforce, a client (victim?) of the official care system. It seems to serve no other purpose than providing employment for the unemployable. I will not go into details (there is nothing more boring than a recital of other people’s health histories) but I had to go through such experiences as a (rigged) means test. A professional carer I later consulted said “I expect you came out wondering what you had paid for – most people do”. I have been through many trials and even did a bit of cold turkey when I unilaterally gave up opiate patches.
The ultimate manifestation of Sod’s Law was that I was half way through changing hosts (as suggested by Dave) when the crises struck. I am now the proud subscriber to two separate hosting services. Naturally, financial contributions have greatly diminished with the lack of entries, but I have kept up the security subscription and this forum to keep the spirit of Number Watch alive.
Meanwhile, we both carry on, propped up by antibiotics, steroids and an array of other medications, the side effects of which seem to make the simplest tasks seem a mountain to climb, but I live in hope.