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Harrabin tries to influence the election

I noticed this post on one of the various BBC bias monitoring blogs, "News Watch", where the BBC's Roger Harrabin effectively told listeners to a Radio 4 programme last weekend not to vote Conservative or UKIP in the forthcoming UK General Election. A transcript of Harrabin's remarks is included in the post.


The blogger, David Keighley, notes that Harrabin seems to think that UKIP is the root of the 'problem' in Greenery not being taken as seriously in the UK as he thinks it ought to be. JEB once pointed out in his Number of the Month piece for September 2006 that UKIP was the only anti-Green mainstream political party in the UK. However I would say that UKIP are still not particularly well-known in the UK for being anti-Green. As I remember it, UKIP did put an increased amount of effort in for a few years in pushing the anti-Green message when Christopher Monckton was a prominent member of the party. I think Monckton even served as deputy leader of UKIP for a few months in 2010. However I don't recall ever seeing Monckton on TV as a UKIP spokesman, suggesting that the UK broadcasting media effectively "no-platformed" him.

Harrabin also has a go at the "Mail on Sunday" newspaper for running a campaign called the Great Green Con, which Harrabin thinks has legitimised an anti-environmental stance. That may explain something that was puzzling me slightly a few months ago, why did Prince Charles decide to promote his Ladybird book on Climate Change by writing an article about it in the Mail on Sunday? The choice of newspaper indicated that the Green blob must have had some issue with the Mail on Sunday.

For this General Election, UKIP has announced a new policy where they propose that net migration for the UK over a five year period should be kept to zero, on the basis that it is is undesirable to increase the UK population size. I get the impression that they are "trolling" the Greenies with that particular policy, as population control used to be the central theme of Green politics up to about 1990, and is still an important issue for the more academic Greenies.

General Election result - by Dave Gardner - Jun 15, 2017 1:30pm