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Re: HPV vaccine

One of the companies I worked for tried to use the HPV Vaccine pricing model. We analyzed the efficiency of power plants and pointed to the inefficiencies that could be reduced. We tried to figure out how to sell the computer model based on 'savings'. We could save the plant $300k per year. You just pay us 10% of that.

A Nuclear Risk Analyst pointed out the conundrum. A typical plant we worked with was between 350MW and 750MW. If a 350 MW facility went down unexpectedly for 1 day. 350MW * $30/MWh * 24hr = $250,000.

1 day was worth the value of our yearly savings.

Where do you focus your efforts? Planned Maintenance? or Optimized Efficiency?

Why not both? Both is fine. Using the example, my linear brain (I will do everything I can to keep a business out of debt by giving you 90% of what you want for 5% of the cost) says 1 Maintenance Engineer gets to devote 10% of his time to optimization.

Any individual in a healthcare system is not likely to be motivated to take the HPV Vaccine. The system itself will quite likely never see the savings. There will always be money in the healthcare system at the beginning of the year. There will always be almost no money at the end. To find the savings will require advanced and very sophisticated analysis, because at no point will a "surplus" magically appear because of this vaccine. In the case of Polio, sanitariums magically disappeared. The money that went to them magically got sucked into a different organization.

I admire the salespeople that managed to get the elevated price. Those salespeople are worth their weight in bitcoin...

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