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Steorn is no more

The Irish company Steorn has provided quite a bit of entertainment for Number Watch and this forum over the last ten years or so. But apparently it is no more, from the end of 2016. This article called "Your crash course in... The rise and fall of Steorn, the energy firm that claimed to defy physics" gives details:

steorn liquidated

"He was called the ‘Willy Wonka of energy’ and claimed to have defied the laws of physics.

But after 16 years in operation, Shaun McCarthy confirmed in a recent Sunday Business Post interview that his controversial tech firm, Steorn, has shut its doors and will be liquidated.

The company claimed to have created an everlasting battery device that generated energy from nothing, as well as a mobile phone that never needed to be charged.

Even though its technology was lampooned by sceptics, Steorn managed to raise a reported €23 million from 400 private investors throughout the last decade."

The former boss of Steorn, Shaun McCarthy, regards himself as being unemployable due to his association with Steorn, but hopes to continue making some income as an online poker player.

When a firm is liquidated, its assets are usually sold off to raise some money for its creditors, and this seems to have happened a few months ago in May 2017:

steorn assets auction

The Steorn assets were various pieces of electronic equipment, plastic cases for the Orbo devices, and a couple of items which presumably decorated the Steorn office - a reproduction of a Picasso painting and a replica of a suit of armour which included a shield and axe.

Re: Steorn is no more

What is the appropriate piece of latin to insert that says.

"Rest in Peace Steorn, thanks for demonstrating that no amount of knowledge can prevent idiots from being separated from their resources... "