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Re: Smart meters in the UK

I was younger when I didn't mind having the smart meter. I no long have an air conditioner in my home. Just window fans. In spite of global warming, the window fans are only vital for several weeks a year. For several more, they are vital to my wife. They would have to cut off my entire house to cut off my fans.

There is a bubble out there waiting to pop around BIG DATA though. There are lots of people trying to offload Business Intelligence into the cloud. More specifically there are lots of people trying to get businesses to offload their intelligence into the cloud.

I get adverts from Amazon for $37,000 tool chests. I do not block ads. I do not hide my searches. The comments on that product on Amazon are entertaining. That I get the advertisement makes me both curious and suspicious. Harry Seldon tried to apply statistics to the masses, but even back when the book was written, it seemed to be understood that while the masses can be predicted, the individual cannot. We are all individuals. We are all part of the masses.

The Big Data is bigger than we imagine, but it is also more punctuated than ever.

My CPAP tells me many things about my sleep. I take my CPAP into my doctor and they can print out 17 different reports on my usage going all the way back to my first day. They make lots of beautiful charts with that data. All of it comes from 1 measurement connected with 1 time measurement, yet they can distinguish between Clear Airway Apneas, Total Obstructive Apneas and Total Hypopneas. God bless that CPAP, it does its job. The data it is collecting leaves me just a little bit cold. When I started my AHI was at 40+. Now, my machine says 0.5. Awesome. Part of my mind is screaming, "WHAT DID THEY REALLY MEASURE!" I had to tear it apart recently to try and fix it. It is both a very simple and very complicated device at the same time. An impeller and some duct work connected to a controller. A significant part of the control is feedback to control board from the motor. I am not sure that I found a pressure transducer in there. There is separation of Church and State (aka Air Path / Electricity Path). From what I can tell externally, the system spins up the impeller to a certain level and then keeps track of the current needed to maintain that level. There is a periodicity to the backpressure created by a mask and breathing which shows up in the current changes. A mask that is off changes the amplitude. So much data to collect from one measured data vs 1 set of time data (aka when the machine is turned on and when it is turned off).

I obsessed over the **** AHI number for way too long. I only had access to part of the number at that time. Then I got access to the part that makes it and I became so much less obsessed. The most important piece is that I do not snore. Occasionally I squeal now, but I do not snore.

Forensically, those smart meters might be able to tell all kinds of things about me. When I am home, when I am not; When we wash our clothes, when I turn my heat on -- how much energy we use to accomplish these tasks.

The utility companies though don't use it quite the way they are supposed to though. For all their need to reduce the demand, they do not truly want to reduce demand. I have a friend whose bill is astronomical because it says his use is astronomical. They do not do anything to help him reduce his bill or find where the leakage is. They just keep accepting his payments. He keeps making the payments because even though his bill is 10 times mine, it is still cheaper than running off a generator.

Revenue > Expense. That is always the need.