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It is always entertaining to start thinking about marking electrons for ownership...

Of course that can stimulate a Hole flow, electron flow debate.

But then we might get to squeeze in a E=IR discussion.

That can easily bring up my favorite joke of "What are they measuring in those MMTS? Temperature or voltage? Or is it resistance? Or is it current?'

My addled brain has them all tied together. They might be in a circle. They might be in orbitals. They might just be in the equation. I sort of expect the person on the other end of the joke to not laugh. It is the type of joke to stimulate the hint of a twinkle in the eye. In my brain, I can grab onto one of the variables and then check the other two. There are schemes for each of them in instrumentation.

But the accounting of power distribution where people change their 'provider' still causes me to pause...

The only switch that is thrown is in a database saying "I want to pay power company C". The hand waving that must go on in the board meetings.... I cannot begin to imagine.

My home consumes massive amounts of electricity. The bill average $75. 33 kWh a day. It is wrong to say that I qualify as "massive". 33 kWh * 250,000 => 8 GWh of supply.

Are the bills publicly accessible? Can you get a spreadsheet that lets you evaluate this?

Smoke and mirrors...