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Re: Plastic waste in the oceans

Another update - it looks like the final episode of Blue Planet II due to be broadcast next Sunday is going to be the main episode in the series that pushes the environmental causes according to the Guardian:

final episode of Blue Planet II

"The world’s oceans are under the greatest threat in history, according to Sir David Attenborough. The seas are a vital part of the global ecosystem, leaving the future of all life on Earth dependent on humanity’s actions, he says.

Attenborough will issue the warning in the final episode of the Blue Planet 2 series, which details the damage being wreaked in seas around the globe by climate change, plastic pollution, overfishing and even noise.

Previous BBC nature series presented by Attenborough have sometimes been criticised for treading too lightly around humanity’s damage to the planet. But the final episode of the latest series is entirely dedicated to the issue."

I expect that Michael Gove will subsequently announce that he was greatly affected by this episode as well.

Gove's behaviour is a bit strange - when he was made environment secretary a few months ago, many were expecting him to take the Green blob on, not capitulate to it. It was actually Gove, as the education secretary, who invented the useful term 'the blob' to describe the nature of the left-liberal opposition to his attempts to introduce reforms in the education sector. Later on Owen Paterson, just after losing his job as environment secretary, extended the idea to the Greenies, describing them as the 'Green blob'.

The cynical interpretation might be that Gove is trying to improve his prospects of becoming the next Conservative party leader in the event that the party asks Theresa May to stand down as leader before the next general election. There are quite a few Green-leaning people in the Conservative party, and showing concern for the environment is probably regarded as a positive attribute in a leader. The Conservative Home website runs a monthly poll of a sample of party members, and currently Gove is up to second place as the choice for the next party leader, just ahead of Boris Johnson, but behind Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Gove doing well in next party leader poll