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In reply to Brad, it is a strange arrangement where electric current is being marked for ownership. I can see most countries not operating an arrangement like this as it's just 'too silly'.

Bulb purportedly supplies 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas to its customers. 100% renewable electricity is possible in the UK because continously available sources are available in the form of the burning of wood pellets. The 'renewable gas' is probably biomethane from sewage. The firm has built up to 100 thousand customers in recent months.

But a Bulb customer probably just gets the same electricity and gas, from whatever sources that came from, that they got before they switched. Bulb doesn't as far as I can see own any energy infrastrucure, so it definitely can't change the electricity and gas mix for the neighbourhoods of its customers. I don't think a Bulb customer is actually getting the product that they have specifically paid for, what they're paying for is to input more renewable energy into the overall UK electricity and gas network than might have happened otherwise.

The other aspect of the silliness is what I mentioned earlier in the thread, where small energy firms are exempt from charging 'Green levies'. I would imagine that most of Britain's prominent Greenies - Roger Harrabin, Jonathan Porritt, David Attenborough, Damian Carrington and so on, are signed up with these specialist small renewable energy suppliers, and they don't pay the Green levies.

The people who are keenest on a Green energy policy in the UK could be said to be voters for the Green party and the Liberal Democrat party. These kind of voters probably make up a lot of the customer base of firms like Bulb. If we now look at the statistics of average house prices in UK parliamentary constituencies, it turns out that the constituencies represented by the Greens and Lib Dems have the most expensive average house prices:

Greens and Lib Dems live in most expensive homes

So I would argue that the voters who are driving the Green energy policy are quite well-heeled and should be paying a lot more for Green energy, not getting the rest of us to pay for it.