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St. Joe's Strikes AGAIN

another Bellefonte Kid to St. Joe's.

Keegan Rothrock is headed there.

Re: St. Joe's Strikes AGAIN

That's exactly why private schools should have their own post season between them. Poor Bellefonte, their getting pillaged.

Re: St. Joe's Strikes AGAIN

here we go with the private schools should have there own postseason again

Re: St. Joe's Strikes AGAIN

The D6 schools on both sides of the mountain need to have a united front on this.

Contrary to reports in the press - this is NOT good for the spot. These schools are parasites and feed off existing programs.

They don't encourage or expose athletes to the sport but are vehicles for quick rewards (Less Bethlehem Catholic and more Shadyside Academy) leaving actual programs scrambling and sometimes bare.

Read any box score during the season - the amount of forfeits is alarming. Schools struggle to field entire teams as it is.

Call it what it is - RECRUITING should not be tolerated in any circumstance at the HS level - and especially in a fringe sport like wrestling.

A united front is needed by all to save our sport and for the PIAA to notice what is going on.