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BEA 39 CM 33

BEA improved to 3-0 with a 39-33 win over Central Mountain tonight at Wingate. BEA is 2-0 in the Mountain League and 1-0 in the Big 7. BEA will next compete in the Manheim Lions Holiday Tournament after Christmas. CM is now 2-1 and will return to the mat at the Conestoga Valley Tournament during the holiday week.

A loud and packed house in Wingate tonight-- the way a high school "my school against your school, my town against your town" dual meet is supposed to be.

Dual meet started at 126. BEA won the coin toss. Summary below:

126: L. Holderman (BEA) WBF 1:08 over D. Seyler (CM). BEA 6-0
132: S. Andrus (CM) WBF 1:39 over A. Holt (BEA). Meet Tied at 6-6.
138: S. Koleno (BEA) WBF 1:39 over C. Coleman (CM). BEA 12-6.
145: G. Rigg (BEA) WBD 6-4 over L. Long (CM). BEA 15-6.
152: G. McClenahan (BEA) WBF 4:33 over A. Henry (CM). BEA 21-6.
160: A. Carson (CM) WBD 10-4 over R. Taylor (BEA). BEA 21-9.
170: A. Corl (CM) WBF 1:10 over B. Irvin (CM). BEA 21-15.
182: T. Weaver (CM) WBF 0:21 over T. Hall (BEA). Meet Tied at 21-21.
195: D. Bisel (BEA) WBD 11-4 over T. Riggle (CM). BEA 24-21
220: D. Close (BEA) WBF 3:27 over M. Houtz (CM). BEA 30-21.
285: J. Edwards (CM) WBF 2:43 over K. Hall (BEA). BEA 30-27.
106: C. Gilham (BEA) WBF 1:41 over A. Zimmerman (CM). BEA 36-27.
113: G. Geidroc (BEA) WBD 6-4 over J. Shreffler (CM). BEA 39-27.
120: D. Bechdel (CM) WBF 1:47 over D. Holderman (BEA). Final Score BEA 39 CM 33

* Preliminary action may have foreshadowed the Eagles' upset of Mighty CM tonight. The Eagle elementary school wrestlers looked good and won the majority of their bouts against the Little Cats in the opening card; and then the Eagles won all three high school exhibition bouts before the varsity dual meet started.

Re: BEA 39 CM 33

It's a good thing Bald Eagle is going AA next year so they can be more competitive. (Sarcasm)

Re: BEA 39 CM 33

Bea_moo (yearick) enough of the bad mouthing the aa move. You literally no clue about the sport of wrestling.

Re: BEA 39 CM 33

I give B.E.A and P.O. all the credit in the world, these two schools have opted to wrestle AAA for decades it's to bad schools that recruit don't have the ball's to do the same. That being said if one thinks wrestling AA is a piece of cake then the jokes on them.

Re: BEA 39 CM 33

I never said wrestling AA was a piece of cake. Let's look at it from a BEA point of view. Currently D-6 AAA has 9 teams. Of those 9 teams, 4 kids go to regionals. D-6 AA currently has 27 teams that send 6 to regionals. That alone would be enough for me to want to stay in AAA. A lot of good kids stay home the weekend of AA regionals strictly on numbers alone.

Now let's look at it from a travel stand point. Of those 9 AAA schools, 8 of them are within roughly an hour of each other with the exception of Somerset, whereas the AA schools are much more spread out causing more travel. AAA regionals are held in Altoona which is an hour away. AA regionals are held in Cannonsburg which is three hours away also costing parents and fans money not only on fuel but also hotels.

Dirty High Halfer, you obviously know who I am and have access to my facebook to see my previous complaints about it. You turning to personal attacks tells me I've already proved my point, but it's pretty easy to be a tough guy hiding behind a screen name isn't it?

Re: BEA 39 CM 33

Dirty High Halfer, maybe you could tell us what the positives are to the AA move.

Re: BEA 39 CM 33

And since I know the first thing you're going to say is that regionals are in Indiana not Canonsburg. They've also been in Johnstown, all three are farther than Altoona and most likely require hotels.

Re: BEA 39 CM 33

BEA and PO should have been competing in AA for years. Both programs took the right step with this latest enrollment cycle. This move doesn't impact (at least not very much) how these teams' regular season opponents, schedules, and conference affiliations will look in future years; but certainly changes the PIAA championship event tournament schedules and opponents that they will see.

Mark Dugan's comments are right on the mark. Anyone who thinks the top levels of AAA and AA are very different as far as talent and competitiveness doesn't quite have the knowledge that he or she should. If you believe that the Top Tier wrestlers come solely from AAA, go to rec Hall, take a look at Penn State's 149 and 157 that came from the lower level AA class--- those guys aren't bad. And those are the tip of the iceberg as far as examples.

The PIAA put specifically enrollment classifications in for many (and the right reasons) for all boys and girls varsity sports. As such, I am a firm believer that every PIAA athletic program at every school should be mandated to compete in their enrollment class based on the numbers (no option to "compete up with the big boys or girls--depending on the sport").

BEA's and PO's moves were made with the kids now (and in the future) in mind and the enrollment levels in both school districts that are visible right now through the graduating classes of 2031. Neither school is growing. These decisions were not made to defend some past glory-filled eras; but actually for the student-athletes competing now and in future years and likely for many future seasons. Ron Guenot and Brad Pataky--- great moves by both men. Concern first, foremost, and only for your programs current and future athletes; not what the landscape looked like years or now decades ago.

Good Luck to all D6 wrestlers in AA and AAA in the holiday tournaments and into 2018.

Re: BEA 39 CM 33

My comment about recruiting is aimed at any school and any sport! When the cherry picking starts all credibility goes out the window as does respect.