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Future of NWAAA Region?

Some comments/questions for people who may have different and/or inside perspectives on the future of NWAAA (after the upcoming March 2018 tournament). Mark Dugan--- any insight you can share is greatly appreciated. I realize that this season is still new---- but looking to 2018-19 and beyond.

* In D6, BEA and PO move to AA (notice I never use that incorrent media term "drop down"). But, Juniata and Greater Johnstown move in to AAA--- so the D6AAA field apparently will remain at 9 teams.

* In D10, there are some issues that are likely to be more significant than the 2 for 2 school swap in D6. Reports I have seen from D10 indicate that General McLane and Warren have very noticeable enrollment declines and will move from AAA to AA (if true, that confirms that those schools still have their longstanding policies that their student-athletes and teams will always compete in the enrollment class they are placed in by the PIAA alignment numbers). On top of that (actually started this year)--- three teams from AAA (Erie East, Central Tech, and Strong Vincent) have combined (co-op) to form the Erie Royals. And finally, next season, AAA Oil City is reportedly joining a co-op with D9AA Cranberry---which will move Oil City from D10 into the D9AAA field. When that whole series of events supposedly occurs next season, D10AAA would have just four teams remaining (Cathedral Prep, McDowell, Meadville and Erie)--- but D10AA will expand to 32 teams. Keep in mind that just a few years ago, D10AAA had 11 teams represented in the NWAAA regional tournament (four is a HUGE drop from 11).

* I'm unaware of any net gain or loss of teams in D4/9; and D8 is the perennial mystery.

But everything above indicates that the overall NWAAA school field as it exists this season, will be smaller next season.

So, will NWAAA be disbanded after this season? If so, maybe teams like Bellefonte, SC, MC, and CM will be able to enjoy a regional tournament with the D3/Southcentral AAA regional field?

If the NWAAA stays intact next season, but has even fewer teams than it does now, will the region lose a state qualifier (i.e. send the Top Two instead of Top Three) to Hershey?

It's a year away; but I know that some people are surely working on realignments, changes, solutions, or just plain worrying about about how it might look when the dust settles.

Re: Future of NWAAA Region?

District 4 schools already send Wpt,Jersey Shore,Shik. And Selinsgrove to NW AAA region I believe.

Re: Future of NWAAA Region?

Have BEA and PO stated that they will compete in AA. They have both always been AA by enrollment but wrestled in AAA. Clearfield and Punxsy have down the same and maybe even McLane.

Re: Future of NWAAA Region?

PIAA has the final listing after elections. 299 and up schools are AAA + 9 squads that elected to be AAA...of note Westinghouse and Perry from D8, Clearfield and Punxy from D9, and Warren from D10. BEA amd PO are listed as AA squads. Somerset returns to AA and I'd assume would return to D5. So I think D6AAA goes from 9 to 8 squads next year.

As far as disbanding the NW AAA regional, I don't think that anything has really changed in the last few years...D4/D6/D8/D9/D10 like the current system as is. D7 does NOT want to add outside districts. D3 would probably grumble and admit outside districts, but they also prefer the current system where their district = a region. D5 has no AAA squads so they really aren't impacted and perhaps would support their neighboring districts. So that is a lot of votes to keep the system as it is, vs. D1, D2, D11, and D12? wanting to change the current setup.

So my guess is that NW AAA region will stay as is until the central or western districts need eastern district votes on a matter.

Re: Future of NWAAA Region?

Why wouldn’t the NW AAA teams want to stay the same ? It’s by far the easiest path to Hershey.
Don’t think the Districts get to vote, more of a steering committee to executive vote. I could be wrong on the official process.