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BEA 42 Bellefonte 35

BEA defeated Bellefonte, 42-35, on Thursday night in Wingate. The win pushed BEA to 5-0 overall (4-0 in the Mountain League and 2-0 in the Big 7). Bellefonte dropped to 2-2 overall (1-1 in the Mountain League and 0-2 in the Big 7). Both teams will wrestle several dual meets in the BEA duals on January 6th. Due too the severe weather and varying school district policies, DuBois and Jersey Shore will not compete in the BEA Duals. BEA and Bellefonte will be joined by Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Faquier (Virginia) and D3 Warwick (Lititz, PA).

Summary of BEA-Bellefonte Dual Meet:

138: S. Koleno (BE) WBF 0:42 over Z. McMaster (B). BE 6-0
145: G. Rigg (BE) WBF 2:14 over K. Simpson (B). BE 12-0
152: G. McClenahan (BE) WBF 0:46 over J. Lucas (B). BE 18-0
160: E. Richner (B) WBTF 18-1, 5:21 over R. Taylor (BE). BE 18-5
170: A. Howe (B) WBFF BE 18-11
182: D. Bisel (BE) WBF over 3:42 over E. Rossman (B). BE 24-11
195: M. Mondy (B) WBD 3-2 over D. Close (BE). BE 24-14
220: A. Davidson (B) WBF 2:32 over R. Bechdel (BE). BE 24-20
285: K. Hall (BE) WBF 4:49 over D. Orndorf (B). BE 30-20
106: X. Ballock (BE) WBF 0:40 over J. Klesic (B). BE 36-20
113: C. Gilham (BE) WBF 1:19 over A. Little (B). BE 42-20
120: A. Coppolo (B) WBD 7-6 over G. Geidroc (BE). BE 42-23
126: C. Stewart (B) WBF 1:12 over L. Holderman (BE). BE 42-29
132: R. Smith (B) WBF 2:32 over A. Holt (BE). BE 42-35