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Future D6AA Alignment??

Looking for responses from people like Topper86, Mark Dugan, Longball, Coach Bainey, Coach Strayer, Coach Mykut, etc, etc with years of experience and strategic thought and involvements around the D6AA tournament alignments.

My understanding is that next season, D6AA loses Juniata and Greater Johnstown but adds P-O and BEA. So, the overall D6AA field for the postseason will remain at 27 teams as it is now.

I have not been around very much D6AA wrestling (post season) for a number of years; but that too will likely change next season.

I've spoken with a couple coaches and a few media people more for information gathering and sharing, but also to get some insight on the structure of the D6AA tournament. I understand how it is conducted now and has been for several years.

But, I have heard several suggestions (or opinions) regarding potential changes to D6AA starting in the 2018-19 season and would like to know if there are, in your views, any possibility that one of these or some variant could actually happen.

The first was a scenario that I think more or less would revert back to the ~1970's and 1980's when D6AA had two sectional tournaments (East and West). In the current times, that would look something like this:

East would have 14 teams; West would have 13 teams and either the Top 4 or Top 6 would advance to the D6AA tournament the following weekend. East would consist of: Bellwood-Antis, BEA, Central, Claysburg-Kimmel, Huntingdon, Juniata Valley, Moshannon Valley, Mount Union, Penns Valley, P-O, Southern Huntingdon, SJCA, Tyrone, and West Branch. The West would include: Bishop McCort, Blairsville, Cambria Heights, Central Cambria, Forest Hills, Glendale, Ligonier Valley, Marion Center, Penn Cambria, Portage, Richland, United, and Westmont-Hilltop.

Second scenario that was mentioned to me involved D5 and was interesting because I heard opinions that D5 actually has an advantage with regard to advancing from their tournament to the SWAA regional and also some comments that least one of the leagues that have teams from both D5 and D6 actually award league all-star selection credit for being a regional qualifier and that is a much easier path for a D5 kid than a D6 kid. I'm still trying to figure that one out. But, the recommendation was to reduce the D6AA field from 27 to 19 teams and keep the D6AA tournament as a one weekend tournament (no sectionals). But to move the Blair and Huntingdon County Schools to D5AA for the postseason---- meaning Tyrone, Central, C-K, B-A, Huntingdon, SH, JV, and SH would compete in the D5AA tournament.

I realize that it is probably unlikely that either scenario will actually be implemented; but thought that this would be a good time to hear the viewpoints from around D6AA.


Re: Future D6AA Alignment??

IMO, the current format 27 teams works so no need to change. Most of the weight classes have several byes so keep it as is.

Re: Future D6AA Alignment??

Do the top 6 go to regionals in AA in D6? Or is it the top 5?