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What Could’ve Been

I just thought of this driving out to Tyrone today...could you imagine that WH team if the co-op with McCort was still intact. I know some of the current kids probably wouldn’t be at McCort but even just adding the 2 Andrews’, Walters, and Jones into to that already very solid lineup....wow! That could’ve been a really special team. Whoever moved to dissolve the co-op must be kicking themselves!

Re: What Could’ve Been

Been saying that.

Could have made a run.

But to be honest - I like this group the way we are! Its a great positive group - all through the lineup. They battle for each other. Its a great environment for them to become men and women.


Re: What Could’ve Been


Who won the AA Duals?

If WH and MCCORT had remained in a co-op, would the program have been AA or AAA?


Re: What Could’ve Been

Westmont beat Huntington in the final 36-33

We would have been AA I think still because we were when we were cooped with them .. but there's a formula so it could be AAA.

It would have been something ..

But .. oh well

D6 champs without them

Re: What Could’ve Been

Coming from a Huntingdon fan and parent....WH looked great. Congrats and good luck next weekend.

Re: What Could’ve Been

Congratulations to both WH and Huntingdon. Great programs with terrific support communities. Good luck to both teams in the state duals.

Re: What Could’ve Been

What could have been doesn't matter anymore. I watched the team during my son's freshman and sophomore year with the BM co-op. It was completely different. None of them talked during a dual. There was no support during matches, each one went out and did their thing. But this team this year is special. Win or lose those boys are there to support each other. They feed off each other and win or lose it doesn't matter they are there after every match to high five/fist bump or just be a shoulder of support. What could have been would never have amounted to WHAT IS!

Re: What Could’ve Been

Very well said. The atmosphere is different. That PC Dual was the moment I think we all saw it. They were ALL on their feet .. a great experience they all were part of. As was this weekend. This team battles for each other .. A band of brothers. Noone is more important than another.

It's the perfect combo of steady, smart and Rock solid senior leadership and youthful excitement.

You said it perfectly.. what could have been could never amount to WHAT IS.