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District 6 AA Preview and Predictions Part II (152-285)

Team standings will come out later..let's continue the preview and predictions

WIDE OPEN!!!! That is how this weight can be described. Any of the Top 7 guys could win this weight. There will be some very good wrestlers being left out from IUP! Law has once again put up a great year and has some wins over very good wrestlers. Todaro has dropped and will be a big 152 pounder. Krause and Wileman have been consistent over the last three years and have improved each year. Throw in the newcomers Holbay and Rothrock, and I can’t forget about hardnosed Link….OMG…This is crazy. I will go with Todaro over Wileman in the finals. No other comments or I may change my mind.

1. Todaro 2. Wileman 3. Law 4. Holbay 5. Link 6. Rothrock 7. Krause 8. Harris

Top Matchups:
All four quarterfinal matches and the semifinal matches
The consi semi’s will be very fun to watch as well

Wildcard: (Someone not in the top 6)
Krause (Could finish in the top 5) Harris (20 + wins last year) and Smychynsky (good competition this year)

Back to the top 2 hammers (nothing again Allbach) at this weight as Yingling and Dale meet for part 10(?) in the last three years. I think there are some solid wrestlers behind them, but those two are just so calm, cool and collected out on the mat. Sossong, Stoy, Heister, Sabol, Knode, Yahner and Allebach will be battling it out for the remaining four spots here. I think this will go to rideout. Whoever scores first in the second period will win this match. I am flipping a coin for this one! Yingling will eke out another barnburner between these two!

1. Yingling 2. Dale 3. Stoy 4. Sossong 5. Heister 6. Knode 7. Sabol 8. Yahner

Top Matchups:
Sabol v. Stoy and Sossong v. Heister in the QTRs
Allebach v. Knode in round 1
Both consi QTRs and consi semis

Wilcard: (Someone not in the top 6)
Allebach (capable of beating 3-8) Sabol (has put together an impressive freshman campaign) and Yahner

Robbie Patrick becomes a 4-timer here. Brown will make it to the finals before running into Patrick. I think the rest of the spots are open to anyone. Henigin has been impressive this year. Not sure how legit Harr is after having a great start to the year. I would put Thompson, Finkle, Felker, Marcozzi, Harr and Demko in the same category.

1. Patrick 2. Brown 3. Henigin 4. Harr 5. Thompson 6. Demko 7. Marcozzi 8. Finkle

Top Matchups:
Harr v. Demko, Gorrity v. Marcozzi and Catolina v. Felker in Round 1
Round of 12 in the consi’s will actually be really fun to watch at this weight!

Wildcard: (Someone not in the top 6)
Marcozzi (unknown that has come on strong at the end of the year) Felker and Finkle (have had some good wins this year, but haven’t been consistent) Catolina (may be a little undersized to get on the podium)

Myers, Kocik, Gett and Gabel are definitely the top 4 at this weight. I think Myers will get by Kocik in the semis and Gabel is more talented than Gett. Myers will get his first district championship on Saturday evening. After the top 4, I think it is pretty wide open for the final two spots to IUP. Throw Whaley, Neil, Rodgers, Dluhos, Weakland and Kitko into the lottery and they could come up in any order.

1. Myers 2. Gabel 3. Kocik 4. Gett 5. Dluhos 6. Whaley 7. Neil 8. Rodgers

Top Matchups:
Myers v. Kocik and Gett v. Gable in the semis
Dluhos v. Gabel in the QTRs
Whaley and Kitko in Round 1

Wildcard: (Someone not in the Top 6)
Neil, Whaley, Rodgers and Kitko (Solid seasons, but who will put it together for two days?) Weakland (young, but could surprise some here)

The top 4 guys here are miles above the rest of the field. Mykut, Hockenberry, Miller and Barber have put together pretty impressive seasons. The semis here will be fun to watch. I am going with upsets in both of them. I have Barber coming out on top against Miller in the finals. Mykut will pull out a close win against Hockenberry in the consi finals. I could see these two matchups flip-flopped, but I think the young Barber kid is athletic and too competitive here.

1. Barber 2. Miller 3. Mykut 4. Hockenberry 5. Dudurich 6. Maxwell 7. Wagner 8. Sankey

Top Matchups:
The semifinals here will be the true top 4.

Wildcard: (Someone not in the Top 6)
Wagner (could sneak into the top 5 and get a trip to IUP.)

Walters and Fisher could be a matchup we see on Saturday in 3 of the next 4 weekends. These two are definitely the class at 220. The next 6 spots will be wide open. I think Ryan is the third best at this weight, but his go big mentality could hurt him at times. I think he wrestles smart this weekend. Elgin, Croft and Covalt are a tier below Ryan, with Kocher, McDonald and Yonko pushing to get into the top 6.

1. Walters 2. Fisher 3. Ryan 4. Elgin 5. Croft 6. Covalt 7. McDonald 8. Yonko

Top Matchups:
Fisher v. Ryan in the