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145, 220 and 285 previews and predictions

I just noticed those 3 weights were not seen in their entirety. Here you go...


Caldwell and Andrews are definitely the top dogs here. After them, I could see any of the next four top seeds finishing in any order. Dorian has been super tough this year, Marko is talented, but I do not think he has beaten anyone real tough this year. Courts has been out most of the year, so we will see how his tank holds up on day 2. I think all three of those guys finish in the top 5, but in the end, I will go with Andrews over Caldwell. I know Andrews has been out most of the year, but I just feel that he is a little more talented than Caldwell.

1. Andrews 2. Caldwell 3. Dorian 4. Courts 5. Marko 6. Moore 7. Link 8. Fitzpatrick

Top Matchups:
Dorian and Courts in the semis

Wildcard: (Someone not in the top 6)
Kirkpatrick and Link (both are battle tested and could slip into the top 6)

Walters and Fisher could be a matchup we see on Saturday in 3 of the next 4 weekends. These two are definitely the class at 220. The next 6 spots will be wide open. I think Ryan is the third best at this weight, but his go big mentality could hurt him at times. I think he wrestles smart this weekend. Elgin, Croft and Covalt are a tier below Ryan, with Kocher, McDonald and Yonko pushing to get into the top 6.

1. Walters 2. Fisher 3. Ryan 4. Elgin 5. Croft 6. Covalt 7. McDonald 8. Yonko

Top Matchups:
Fisher v. Ryan in the semis will be fun to watch
Elgin v. Croft in the QTRs will decide who finishes behind Ryan
McDonald v. Covalt and Corle v. Kocher will be nice 1st Rd matches at this weight

Wildcard: (Someone not in the Top 6)
McDonald (finished 4th at 285 last year, but has been inconsistent this year) Yonko (Ox strong that could headlock a few guys and get into the top 6) Corle (Looking to end his senior season strong)

Until his injury at district duals, Jones was by far the man to be on top of the podium once again. There are some big boys at this weight that could really hinder that injury. Martin, Kitko, Haselrig, Bogus and Shaw are very imposing wrestlers here. Throw in a great year by Winfield, Cover and Reed and we have ourselves a very competitive weight class. In the end, I will go with Jones over Martin. I could see Jones making the semis and defaulting out if the injury is serious enough, but I do not even think that will happen at district 7 has some good bigs going to IUP next week.

1. Jones 2. Martin 3. Kitko 4. Winfield 5. Shaw 6. Bogus 7. Haselrig 8. Cover

Top Matchups:

All the quarterfinals and semis will be very competitive
The Consi quarters and consi semis will be providing some fun matchups

Haselrig (has impressed this season) Cover (has wins over Bogus and Kitko. Can you stop the side roll??) =
Reed (how will he do at his first district championship?)