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I have to say I am impressed with the Glendale Vikings sending 5 to the regionals. Nice work coach dubler a lot of young talent on that team.

Re: Impressed

Coach Dubler doing a great job. And Glendale is only going to get better, they have his two sons coming on the way, and they are both tigers.

Re: Impressed

I agree. Glendale surprised me

Re: Impressed

Dubler gave quite the arrogant interview in the mirror, but that is to be expected from him for anyone that knows him personally. Said McMillan would definitely beat Boozel next week. Interesting because he has now lost both times to him? The match last night wasn't that close. Coach dubler should let his wrestlers do the talking and not him.

Those Glendale records are misleading too, as I wouldn't say they have the toughest schedule in D6. Great that they sent 5, but other schools did that,or better.

Re: Impressed

I don't personally know coach dubler but after looking at the results only 1 public school sent more then 5 and the fact that none of the Glendale kids are seniors that is what impressed me. I looked at the teams schedule after reading your statement about records being misleading. Looked like a decent schedule for a small school to me. Good luck to all D6 wrestlers next week. I think our district will be well represented in hersey.

Re: Impressed

Forrest Hills has a nice group of kids coming up, they dominated the Bellefonte Jr High Invitational this year which is regarded as the second toughest Jr High Tournament in the State behind PJW's

Re: Impressed

Dubler is a big mouth and always has been. While his kids had a nice weekend, that interview didn't really help anything except give bulletinboard material to the other wrestler. I agree with wizard though, their schedule and records are very misleading, and that is why their kids were getting knocked off in the finals and placement rounds.

While forest hills has a nice group coming up, they got beat by C.Ridge in both dual and Mt. Conference (which I thought was the 2nd toughest tournament in PA??). They have some high level kids for sure, but don't have the depth of some other teams.

Re: Impressed

I read that article and thought the same thing. I think the Coach would have been better served to recognize that these are two very good wrestlers, and that his wrestler (only a Freshman) will learn from it.

Although I think his intention was to support his wrestler and to reinforce his belief in him, it came off as disrespectful to the Boozel boy. Boozel, after all, is a PIAA state runner-up at 106 pounds. No shame in losing to him.

I expect, should they meet again, it will be another good match.

Re: Impressed

Brock McMillen works his tail off year round. He would be good with no one in his corner. As a class act kid I’m sure he respects his coaches and appreciates the confidence, but he himself would never publicly guarantee a victory I assume. That article is an example of a coach forgetting his glory days are over as a wrestler thus living vicariously through his student athletes. Good luck to both McMillen and Boozel along with all D6 wrestlers moving forward. Kids deserve the headlines not the coaches.

Re: Impressed

I was impressed with the deep talent we have in D6. Should make for some great runs in Hershey in my opinion.

But my advise to all us is to stop this infighting and address the real issue we have for the future - private schools.

Am i the only one that alarmed by the entries of St Joes? First, we ALL should be banded together. They do not have a junior high or elementary - WE are their feeders. Left unchecked, this will ruin more than one local program, mark my words.

To start - they should have never been allowed in the D6 tourney as they had too many points. JV tourney?? - give me a break. Are we that spineless? That would have nipped all this in the bud - see how many recruits you get when you ruin an entire post season for a team.

Anyway - we need to get together and get right on this. I'm sure there are stories, or rumors, or suspicions - someone has got to call BS and track these down.

In any case - the thread is titled Impressed - and I was impressed with all the home grown kids - the kids from Glendale have been the best kept secret in D6; FH is tough and going to be tougher; West Branch and Huntington - great programs who churn em out year after year; Mount Union - always tough and of course my young Hilltoppers - I could go on and on. That's who I'm impressed with - these were things that were built, not bought!

Best of luck to those athletes who will be representing their schools this weekend!

Re: Impressed

Talking to some of the St. Joes kids and observing them throughout the weekend I was genuinely impressed with how those kids handled themselves throughout the weekend, and how mature and focused they were for a group of freshman/sophomores. I am not a fan of them pulling kids from other schools but I respect all of them way more than the people that booed them.
Good luck to EVERYONE from d6 this weekend.

Re: Impressed

Thank you all for the nice words. We have been working very hard with these young men for years. Wanted to apologize if the Mirror article came off as arrogant. I believe 100% in Brock and our guys and want them to reach their goals. Boozel is a fantastic wrestler and I would never take anything away from what hes doing or has done in the past. I said a lot more in the interview that didnt get printed. I have a ton of respect for every wrestler that has the courage to lace them up and put it on the line. I guess in this P.C. world I need to watch what I say. I got caught up in the moment. Again, sorry if I offended anyone. Go Vikes!!!

Good luck to all the D6 wrestlers and Coaches!!! Should be a fun weekend of wrestling!!!

Coach Dubler

Re: Impressed

Is coach Dubler ready to eat his crow yet for running at the mouth? Maybe stay out of the press and off messagboards with your guaranteed victories, and let your wrestlers do their own talking on the mat. That was 0 for 3 for everyone counting in the 'guaranteed win:joy: column

Re: Impressed

Honestly, I think Coach Dubler was just trying to support his guys. Based on his explanation above, I don't think he meant any disrespect. Maybe it did not come off well in the paper, and, he indicates that the article did not print everything he said. I will take him at his word, because it does happen that way sometimes.

I think it is amazing how Glendale has really started to produce some quality wrestlers. I've been hearing for the last three years or so--from knowledgeable wrestling people--that Glendale is a program to keep an eye on.

Re: Impressed

I am not a Glendale fan, but Coach Dubler said nothing wrong in that article. Come on people! He was trying to motivate and encourage his young wrestler. He didn’t disrespect or bad mouth the opponent. He was being a good coach IMHO!