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SW AA Regional Preview and Predictions (106-126)

Here we goooooooo!!!!

106 –

There are a handful of state ranked wrestlers at this weight that could end up on the podium in Hershey. After Ohl’s win over Shunk, he has to be the kid everyone is chasing. He will have a quarterfinal match-up with Michaels and will get the Burkett/Fischer winner in the semi’s. His finals match between Redinger/Valvochik and Shunk will be even tougher. I think he will be able to pull it off, but I could see Redinger, Burkett and Michaels giving him plenty of pressure.

1. Ohl 2. Redinger 3. Michaels 4. Burkett 5. Shunk 6. Valvochik 7. Fischer 8. Beatty

Top Matchups:

1st Rd – Valvochik/Armstrong

QTRS – Redinger/Valvochik, Burkett/Fischer, and Michaels/Ohl

Semi’s – Shunk/Redinger and Burkett/Ohl

Wildcard: (Someone not in the top 6)

Fischer could get by Burkett in the QTRs to make it to Hershey.
Armstrong (Proved to be pretty tough at the D6 Tournament)

District 6 Outlook:
I think Ohl wins his first regional title. Shunk could finish in any of the Top 5 spots at this weight. The winner of the Beatty/Walk first round consi match and Armstrong will have to beat a couple of better wrestlers to advance, but anything can happen at regionals.

113 –

Boozel/McMillen Part 3. I do not see much of a challenge for either of these guys, except for McMillen who will get the Bruce/Oswalt winner in the semi’s. After watching the poise Boozel wrestles with in the D6 Finals, I will go with Boozel once again. The top 4 at this weight are set in stone with Boozel, McMillen, Oswalt and Bruce. After them..the final 2 spots to Chocolatetown are open for 5 or 6 others.

1. Boozel 2. McMillen 3. Oswalt 4. Bruce 5. Kemper 6. Bittner 7. Blackburn 8. Holderbaum

Top Matchups:

QTRs – Bruce v. Oswalt

Wildcard: (Someone not in the top 6)

Kauffman (was a PIAA qualifier last year)
Holderbaum (Ridge has wrestled a very competitive schedule this year)

District 6 Outlook:
District 6 could easily have the top 3 at this weight with Boozel, McMillen and Bruce. I think Blackburn has an outside chance, but will have to get through Bittner to make it to Hershey. If Kauffman gets by Bittner in the 2nd Rd of Consi’s, then it will be Blackburn v. Kauffman for the trip. I think Malcolm may have a chance to get into the Top 8, but I do not see any higher than 8th.


This weight is wide open to 4 or 5 wrestlers that could come out on top. 3 Very talented freshmen lead the way with Witmer, Cymmerman and Duschek. Throw in Daubert, Christie and Dovshek, and there will be many big battles here. I really feel that Witmer had a little wake-up call last week and will respond in a big way. However, I do not think he will get past Cymmerman in the finals.

1. Cymmerman 2. Witmer 3. Duschek 4. Christie 5. Daubert 6. Dovshek 7. Denochick 8. Calihan

Top Matchups:

1st Rd – Dovsehk/Denochick
QTRs – Christie/Duschek and Dauber/Dovshek

Wildcard: (Someone not in the top 6)

Denochick (His ability to cradle anyone will make him dangerous)

District 6 Outlook:
As stated above, I think Witmer will turn it on and get to the finals. The winner of the Christie and Duabert consi semis will battle Duschek/Dovshek for 3-6. If Denochick gets past Dovshek in the 1st Rd, then I see him giving District 6 four PIAA qualifiers at this weight.


This weight is all about the battle for 2-6. I actually think the bottom half of the bracket could have any of 6 different wrestlers take on Teasdale in the finals. You have DuVall, Gaul, Broadway, Ward, Richner and Cornell with chances to get in the finals. DuVall/Gaul and Richner/Cornell may be the best 1st Rd matches of any weight. I almost want to flip a coin to go through the bottom half of the bracket, but I am going to go with Broadway. There may be 3 or 4 state ranked wrestlers watching Hershey from the stands here…Which is CRAZY! Bring you’re A+ game fellas.

1. Teasdale 2. Broadway 3. Cornell 4. DuVall 5. Gaul 6. Rutter 7. Ward 8. Richner

Top Matchups:

Rd 1 – Pattison/Shaffer, DuVall/Gaul and Richner/Cornell
QTRS – Both bottom half quarterfinals
ALL of the Consi matches

Wildcard: (Someone not in the top 6)

Ward or Richner could finish second if they put together two fantastic days.
Pattison and Shaffer could cause some damage from their positions and Hicks is always capable of pulling off a stunner!

District 6 Outlook:
I think District 6 could have anywhere from 0 to 3 qualifiers here. I think Rutter actually has the best chance of making it out. DuVall has to get through 2 state qualifiers in order to place in the top 6. Richner is also going to have to go through a couple studs to make it. Shaffer and Hicks both have the ability to have a couple of upsets this weekend. I hope they all are focused and ready to go!